TAGS is an innovative new way to browse trough your notes.
For a quick overview on how TAGS works, have a look at this short introduction video:

Tags vs. Notebooks

Notebooks have a fixed hierarchy, tags on the other hand are linked together by appearing together in notes. TAGS visualizes this network and let's you start filtering anywhere. After selecting a tag the network will be filtered and will now only show you the tags that are connected with your selection.

Let's say you have following notes:
Note 1 - My holidays in New York - Tags: holidays, new york, photos
Note 2 - Business meeting for Project NY - Tags: work, new york, project ny

This tag network would look like this:

After selecting the tag "work" the network will be filtered like this:

Now only the tags "new york" and "project ny" have to be shown to the user. The amount of information can be drastically reduced and makes the experience way better for the user.

It sounds complicated, but it's actually very natural and easy to use.


  • - Data is synchronized so you can use TAGS even if you don't have an internet connection
  • - More natural browsing and searching for notes
  • - Quicker access to desired note
  • - Live content search
  • - Scalable, it's designed for power users